Nye Research Page

Nye Student Research

Reference and Research Links

  1. Destiny Student Resources
  2. Exploring Nature Educational Resources (scroll down past subscriber ads)
  3. Gooru
  4. Infotopia (when searching for animal) for example: Tiger Animal
  5. Neo K-12 collection of theme-organized video clips, quizzes and puzzles
  6. Research Links & Class Projects
  7. Safari Montage (district id required)
  8. Safari Montage Plug-in

Graphics and Images Links

  1. DK Images
  2. Free Images.com
  3. Humanline
  4. Ms Office images
  5. Pictures for Learning
  6. School Clip art.com

Animal Research Links

  1. Animal Corner
  2. Animal Fact Guide
  3. Animal Facts
  4. Animal Habitats: What is a HABITAT?
  5. Animal Habitats: Nat Geo Kids
  6. Animals: Life Cycles
  7. Animals: Nature Works
  8. Animal Pictures and Facts
  9. Animal Search Online
  10. Animal San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes
  11. Animal: San Diego Zoo for Kids
  12. Animal Search Online
  13. Animals A-Z (scroll down past ads to see list of hundreds of animals)
  14. Animals: San Diego Zoo Wildlife Explorers
  15. Defenders of Wildlife
  16. Duckster Animals
  17. Life Cycles 1
  18. Life Cycles 2
  19. Life Cycles: Butterflies
  20. Life Spans
  21. Kids Planet Animal Facts
  22. Kidsites.com - Animals
  23. National Geographic
  24. National Geographic Kids
  25. Ranger Rick
  26. San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes
  27. San Diego Zoo for Kids
  28. Science for Kids Club: Animals
  29. Science Kids Animal Facts
  30. Seaworld Animal Bytes
  31. Seaworld Animal Sounds
  32. Smithsonian National Zoo-Animals A-Z
  33. Switch Zoo-Animal Profiles

Famous Americans Links

  1. Americas Story from the Library of Congress
  2. Civil Rights Videos of Famous Civil Rights Leaders
  3. Info USAA tour of famous Americans (scroll down for list)
  4. Great People in America:
  5. Kidport Reference Library for kids
  6. Mrs. P's Page teacher created page
  7. Safari Montage(district id required)
  8. Wiki Biographies Written in simple english

Video Research Links

  1. Early America Ben Franklin, George Washington, Paul Revere, Molly Pitcher
  2. BBC Learning Zone Search for video clips
  3. Safari Montage (district id required)
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