Proposition S Bond Projects

Frequently Asked Questions about Proposition "S"

What is Proposition "S"?
Proposition "S" is a $2.1 billion school bond measure placed on the November 4 ballot that will provide funds to make needed repairs and renovations to every school in the San Diego Unified School District.

What specific improvements will Proposition "S" fund?
Most San Diego schools are 40+ years old. If approved by 55% of the voters, Proposition "S" will allow the San Diego Unified School District to:

  • Provide up-to-date technology and equipment
  • Replace deteriorated plumbing/sewer/roofing systems
  • Upgrade outdated electrical, heating/ventilation systems
  • Upgrade classrooms, restrooms, and school facilities
  • Improve school and playground safety, security and accessibility
  • Provide new permanent classrooms to replace trailers
  • Provide comparable facilities for all students

Will Proposition "S" bring technology into the schools?
Proposition "S" will wire classrooms for interactive learning and school campuses for WiFi. It will enable students to access lessons online. It will also help teachers and students interact directly. Proposition "S" will bring technology upgrades to every school in every neighborhood.

How can I find out what projects are proposed for my school site?
The Proposition "S" website at contains information on site-specific bond projects for every school.

What safeguards are in place to make sure Proposition "S" performs as promised?
If approved, the funds from Proposition "S" must, by law, be spent on our local schools to benefit local students, with nothing going to Sacramento, administrator salaries or district operating expenses. Bond money can only be spent on classrooms, buildings and schools. Annual audits will be performed and an Independent Citizen"s Oversight Committee comprised of local senior citizens, homeowners, parents, taxpayers, industry professionals and others will be appointed to monitor and publicly report on the expenditure of bond funds, making sure they are properly and effectively spent on facilities needs.

How can I learn more about Proposition "S"?
For more information about Proposition "S" and improvements planned for your neighborhood school, please visit or call San Diego Unified School District at (858) 725-5588 (English) or (619) 725-7419 (Español).

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