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Nye Elementary 

Phase 1 Reopening


Dear Nye Parents, 

We successfully launched our first day of Phase One learning at Nye Elementary. We wanted to provide information for our school community to understand the safety plans we have in place at Nye to ensure the health and safety of all staff and students. This week, all teachers and staff members are taking time to watch three training videos on COVID precautions. One was produced by our District, and the other two are part of a Safe Schools Training module.

Here, you will find the COVID-19 Prevention Plan webpage and a scanned copy of our Nye Elementary Phase One Checklist.

Each day students are on site, I will be completing a daily inspection report and sharing this with our BSS. These reports are kept in my office and available for any staff to review.

Attached here, I have included links to the opt-in form parents/guardians must complete before their child comes onto campus for onsite learning - Family Opt-In On-Site Learning

A narrative of a Nye student on campus is as follows:

Students must wear a mask and will be dropped off at the designated time at the curb. A staff member (principal) will greet them. They must show their printed, cleared health form when stepping out of their car. As an extra precaution, this staff member will take their temperature. They will line up at spaces marked six feet apart. The staff member will walk them to the hand washing station located at the table area by the library. They will wash hands following hand-washing protocols. They will walk into their assigned building and set their cleared health form in the tray inside the building (if not already collected by staff member at check in). The doors will already be opened. Class rules and protocols for safety will be reviewed at each meeting. All doors will be open in their building to promote air flow. Two air purifiers will be in place in each occupied building. Desks will be arranged with a minimum of six-foot space. For this week, the students will practice walking on the path with an arrow directly to the student restroom and following the path with an arrow away from the restroom and back to the classroom (one-way traffic only). Students will review hand-washing protocols again at the restroom. Signage will be displayed in the restrooms and in the classrooms to remind students of protocols. When the session is over, the students will walk with a staff member to wait for pick up on the places marked in front of the school. 

At Nye, all teachers and staff must use the two adult restrooms at the office. Students may only use the restrooms assigned. These student restrooms will be unlocked when students are on campus.

The teachers and I are meeting at least once a week throughout the month to continue to evaluate and refine our COVID-19 plan. 

Please feel free to reach out if you have additional concerns or questions regarding safety and precautions we are taking at Phase One at our site. 



Dr. Pamela Thompson PhD

[email protected]


Nye Elementary Phase One Reopening and Covid 19 Prevention Information and Links:

Families of students who are scheduled to attend phase one will need to review the Phase One Reopening Student Site Access Guide.

Each day the students who come onto campus will have to bring the Daily Student Symptoms Checklist  that is filled out at home before coming to school.

For students with chronic health conditions such as seasonal allergies, chronic cough due to asthma etc., where these symptoms may be confused with the current list of covid symptoms, before coming to onsite learning, to prevent confusion and being sent home unnecessarily, please have the students doctor fill out the Certification of Chronic Condition by MD.

For links to grade level appropriate health modules for students. Please access here.

For instruction on how to access sites and links to educational videos regarding onsite learning click here Student Site Access Guide.

For information on COVID 19 prevention - Phase One Message to Students Regarding COVID-19 Testing, Flu Shots, Etc.

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